Darwen Comedy Club

Darwen Comedy Club

Troy Hawke, Phil Nichol, Howard Anstock, MC Danny Mcloughlin. Scroll down for comedians’ details.

Acts subject to change. 18+ Proper sweary swearing. Fully seated. We want everyone to have a great night so please pop your mobile on silent and don’t chat when the show is on. Thanks!

Sometimes I dread writing these biogs and this is, most definitely, one of them! How do you describe a comedy sensation such as Troy Hawke?

  Well, first things first. He is the creation of award winning comedian Milo McCabe. And what makes him different? Well, Troy is an erudite home schooled 1930’s throwback…the Errol Flynn of the high street. Educated, sophisticated, but utterly clueless. He tackles modern issues head on in his uniquely untimely manner. Home schooled by a mother who was very much tied to the past, Troy engages with the 21st century like someone who has spent the last forty years in suspended animation. He’s also a bit of a whizz when it comes to Scrabble and has performed a full length show connecting Scrabble scores to all the weirdest of conspiracy theories.

So, he definitely won’t have even heard of social media then? This is where things get slightly contradictory. Troy is huge on social media as the sole member of the Greeters Guild, welcoming shoppers to all the big stores such as Wilko, Tesco, Wairose and B&Q (who were distinctly non-plussed!).

June 2022 saw Troy reach a more mainstream audience when he was invited to join Phil and Hollie on ITV’s This Morning! As you can imagine the usual antics ensued with Troy pranked the pair by inviting their boss onto the set live on air!

This idiot savante dresses like a matinee idol, speaks in perfect received pronunciation and is completely at odds with the world around him. Whether recounting an afternoon at the football with ‘the chaps’ or engaging in ‘audience badinage’ with the front row you can be sure the laughs come thick and fast!

‘Belly laughs from start to finish’ ★★★★★ Weekend Notes  ‘Mad comic genius’ The Scotsman

Near perfect character comedy’ New Current  ‘Undeniably funny’ ★★★★ Chortle ★★★★★ Fringe Feed 

To say Phil Nichol is something of a legend on the comedy circuit would be an understatement. He has won the ‘main comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe (after two previous nominations) which is the comedy equivalent of the Nobel PrizeHis skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalleled. hil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work. With a surreal edge to some of his mischievous rantings Nichol always brings something new to the stage. His keen sense of fun and eye for the shocking and absurd has cemented his position as one of the very best comedians you can see performing live today

.“Riotously funny” Sunday Telegraph   ★★★★★ The Scotsman   “Cripplingly funny.” Three Weeks

Howard Anstock is the middle act and your compere is Danny Mcloughlin (“Alongside the most talented and genuinely funny comedians” Three Weeks)

Darwen Comedy Club is booked by Comedy In A Van