Justin Stretch ThinkSaddleworth January 2023

Justin Moorhouse – Stretch & Think

Justin Moorhouse – Stretch & Think

Justin Moorhouse is back: still funny, yet middle-aged. A brand-new show that may contain: yoga, getting older, Madonna, shoplifters, labradoodles, middle-aged cyclists, The Menopause, running, hating football fans but loving football, not drinking, funerals, ‘Is Tapas a rip off?’

 Captain Tom, Droylsden, the environment, self-improvement, ruining a sexual position, electric car charging spots used by doggers, nursery graduation, horses, Stig lookalikes, home-cooked food but not in your own home, the odd advantages of fundamental religions, the gym, shop-door etiquette. And he’s got a new suit. Come, it’ll be fun

“He charms the pants off the crowd” Sunday Times  “Not a moment without laughter” Chortle

“The amount of first-rate comic craft that goes into his routines is worthy of admiration”  The Guardian

★★★★ Chortle ★★★★ Fest ★★★★ British Theatre Guide

PLEASE NOTE This is the full version of the show Justin previewed here in July. Although there will be new stuff and the show will be longer there will be some gas and routines that you have already heard. It will still be really funny though. Promise. 

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Fully seated. 18+ We want all our guests to have a great night so please respect those around you by turning off your phone and not talking whilst the show is in progress. Thanks!

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